Talking Feng Shui 3

Talking Feng Shui 3

Here is the list of feng shui schools and branches:

Ti Li  – Form Branch

Xíngshì pai (形势派) – “forms” methods

  • 巒頭派 luán tóu pài, analyzing environment without using a compass
  • 形像派xíng xiàng pài, – Imaging forms
  • 形法派 xíng fǎ pài

Liiqi Pai – Compass Branch

理气派Lǐ qìpài “Compass” methods

San Yuan Method, 三元派Sān yuán pài

  • Dragon Gate Eight Formation, 龍門八法 lóng mén bā fǎ
  • Xuán kōng 玄空 – Time and space methods
  • Xuán kōng fēi xīng 玄空飛星  – Flying Stars methods of time and directions
  • Xuán kōng dà guà, 玄空大卦 – “Secret Decree” or 64 gua relationships
  • Xuán kōng mì zhǐ , 玄空秘旨 – Mysterious Space Secret Decree
  • Xuán kōng liùfǎ, 玄空六法 – Mysterious Space Six Techniques
  • Zǐ bái jué 紫白诀 – Purple White Scroll

San He Method, 三合派 – analyzing environment with the use of a compass


  • Yin House Feng Shui, 阴宅风水(Yīnzhái fēngshuǐ ) – Feng Shui for the deceased
  • Four Pillars of Destiny, 四柱命理(Sìzhù mìnglǐ) – a form of hemerology
  • Zǐ wēi dòu shù 紫微斗数  – Purple Star Astrology
  • I-Ching, 易经(Yì jīng) – Book of Changes
  • Qí mén dùnjiǎ奇门遁甲 – Mysterious Door Escaping Techniques
  • Dà liùrén 大六壬 Divination: Big Six Heavenly Yang Water Qi
  • Tài yǐ shén shù太乙神数  Divination: Tai Yi Magical Calculation Method
  • Date Selection, 择日Zé rì – Selection of auspicious dates and times for important events
  • Palmistry 掌相学Zhǎng xiàng xué – Destiny reading by palm reading
  • Face Reading, 面相学Miànxiàng xué – Destiny reading by face reading
  • Major and Minor Wandering Stars – Constellations
  • Five phases/elements, 五行wǔxíng – relationship of the five phases or five elements
  • BTB Black (Hat) Tantric Buddhist Sect – westernized or modern methods not based on classical teachings
  • Symbolic Feng Shui, – New Age Feng Shui methods that advocate substitution with symbolic (spiritual, appropriate representation of five elements) objects if natural environment or object/s is/are not available or viable
  • Pierce Method of Feng Shui – The practice of melding striking with soothing furniture arrangements to promote peace and prosperity

The characters we see on the photo mean “the world”. Chinese do believe that every single place in it has this or that kind of feng shui.

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